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Posted by Typewriter
on Dec 15 at 12:50 AM
Good day Saps,

If you look at point 4, there was NO "deduction" of stock from inventory after PGI or "goods had left the warehouse". This was because there was NO movement type mentioned in the schedule line category VOV6.

If you have other questions, please give some examples too.

From one of my previous posts -

2. Stock overview in MMBE, for material M1, in Plant P1 and storage location A001 was 100EA
3. created sales order with 20EA from Plant P1, storage loc A001, delivery and did PGI
4. checked stock of material M1 in MMBE, for Plant P1, st. location A001 = 100EA
Because there was NO movement type defined, the system "did NOT know" from where to "pick" the stock of 20EA. Thus stock before PGI was 100EA and after PGI was also 100EA!

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Hi Mr.Typewriter,

I have a few queries reg. your experiment. Could you please clarify.

If there is no movement type, how could the stock be posted? Did the system, by default, have a movement type for posting stock, say 561? In that case, if my understanding is correct, then the movement type which is assigned to schedule line category will only be activated in the sales order. Am I getting it right?

Thanks a lot for sharing your experiment. Helps us understand better. Good day.

Thanks n regards,

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