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Posted by Typewriter
on May 29 at 3:28 PM
Hi Sibel,

The reason for your issue is the "requirement" settings for that output type, in your output procedure. I.E. for the output type, the requirement is not fulfilled; thus system does not allow that output type to be automatically populated in your deliveries. & that is correct! Then the user manually enters the output type in the delivery, the system is not checking the requirement this time. Hence the message " Requirements are not checked with manual create"!
So, by manual entry you by-pass the system!

Go to NACZ, select your Output procedure and go in to controls. There, for "your" output type check "Requirement". Change the requirement, according to the business process.
Just for testing purposes, leave the req. blank, then create a delivery & you shall see the output type populated in the dlv automatically.

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Thank you!

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Subject: Requirements are not checked with manual create

Dear All,

I have got a warning message when i create an outbound delivery via VL01N , the delivery output does not come automatically we need to enter the output type in each time we create the delivery how can I overcome this problem?

Please help

Note: I have defined VV21/VV22

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