Pricing decimal points

Q: How do you get around the requirement to only allow 2 decimal points in pricing? I have a need to do more than that and it's also beyond the limit in the per each as well so that's not an option? Is there a place way to change this for a specific condition type - such as a discount or a formula that can be used to calculate it and then round it to the two decimal places?
If your problem is related to currencies conversion, you can control the rounding with the flag "Currency Conversion" in customizing of condition type (Control data 2). 

Cost Center Assignment in Accounting Document for a Goods Issue in Shipping


For a specific Business Scenario I need to be able to assign a Cost Center to my Cost of Goods Sold Account in the Accounting Document created as a result of performing a Goods Issue for the Delivery.

The requirement though is that the Cost Center is not always the same, depending on who I'm Issuing the Goods to, I will have a different Cost Center.

In standard SAP, Transaction OKB9 you have the Cost Center Assignment to a Cost Element; but it's only one and obviously it's always the same.

How could I accomplish this? Is there anything standard for this kind of requirement?


I might be wrong; but I think I have seen before that in Sales Documents in the "Account Assignment" View, either Header or Item, the Cost Center field is there; but in the Document Types I'm working with here it's not displayed. Is there anything I need to activate for that field to be available during Order Entry and would that Cost Center be relevant for the Accounting Document created during Goods Issue?

The only other thing I can think of is making use of a User-Exit or Enhancement (SMOD). I looked for them and there are quite a few on the Logistics Execution side; but none of them seem to be intended to influence the data at the interface between Outbound Deliveries and Inventory Management.

The only one that maybe will help for this purpose is a BAdI called LE_SHP_GOODSMOVEMENT which in theory is specifically for that interface I mention above.

If anyone has had this kind of requirement before and could share their approach or if you have any idea on how this could be accomplished, I would really appreciate it.