RE:[sap-log-sd] Only 0 EA of Material Available

Posted by tredman (Management Analyst)
on Nov 22 at 2:40 PM
In VL02n you can add items to a delivery that has not be posted. When you add an items to the delivery you must decide, do I want the material in reference to a Sale Order.
If so, the proper process is Menu > Outbound Delivery> Deliver Sale Order> within the popup dialog box, enter your Sale Order and Line to reference.

If you just add the Items from the correct stock location to the delivery with out the above reference, it will shipped, remove from stock from the warehouse, but will be unable to Invoice for the item on the Sale Order. Items add in this matter will had an Item cat on the delivery as DLN Standard item w/o Ord.

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From: sarah khan
Sent: Tuesday, November 22, 2011 11:33 AM
Subject: Only 0 EA of Material Available

Hello guys,

I have two Materials:

Material A(QTY 20)
Material B(QTY 20).

Now I have created sales order of each material with 1 qty.


Material A qty 1
Material B qty 1

I have saved the document and then I have created delivery successfully.

Now I have repeated the same step created sales order with Material A and Material B with 1 Quantities each now this time in delivery I deleted Material B and save the delivery document.
Then I changed the delivery document (VL02N) and again add the Material B which I have deleted but I get this error "Only 0 EA of material available" although I have enough stock. I am using item requirement 202 Order w.indep.item.

Need help.

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