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Posted by Typewriter
on Dec 15 at 1:02 AM
Hi Angelina,

Thank you for this clear explanation!

Please ask this question in the MM forum too.

My suggestion is to create a PO withOUT reference with plant B. As the process in the system (i.e. creating SO and then PO with reference to SO) is NOT completely mirrored in your actual business process (e.g. there is an STO in the middle).
After the goods arrive in Plant A then you can proceed with the following steps of the sales process.

Please inform me if I am oversimplifying the issue. And what all could be the practical problems associated with my above suggestion.

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Subject: Error Message V1 127 Sales Orders Item has Different Plant

Hi all,

Here is the operations.

Customer orders the goods and will ship from plant A (in region A), then we convert SO to PO. Vendor in region B will not ship to plant A, they will ship the goods to plant B which is same region as them. So we need to change the plant in PO to plant B. However, SAP does not allow me to change plant in PO which is different from SO's plant. I hit error message V1 127.

After receiving the goods in plant B, plant B will ship the goods to plant A (that's STO process). Plant A receives the goods and deliver to customer.

Best Regards,

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