RE:[sap-log-sd] How to Ensure Nondeliverable Lines on a Sales Order go to the same Billing Document?

Posted by webster311
on Nov 8 at 10:34 PM
Hi Typewriter and Surender Gupta,

Thank you for your interest!

The background is that there will be a sales BOM which will explode into 2 children which are both virtual items. One is software (downloaded) and one is service. No delivery is required. I need the 2 children to copy to the billing document along with the parent, because each child will carry a price and we will design the invoice to print only the parent material# along with the summed price of the children. The customers should only know the total price and they order using the parent material#, but internally we need to have 2 children because we need the revenue to go to different profit centers. (internal accounting ugh!)

I imagine I could create a copy rule for these 2 item categories we will be creating. However it will be rather tricky because I don't really know if I want to copy over the parent unless I also check if the children (all the children) will copy over and visa versa. So I don't know that this can really be done easily in the line item copy rules area. Things which might prevent any of the items from copying would be a billing block or an incomplete item.

I think I may have to do something in a user exit at billing save. Where if the entire group is not copied over then I may need to delete any of the lines that were "almost" copied over from the billing doc before it is saved.

Any other thoughts on this?

Thank you!

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Subject: How to Ensure Nondeliverable Lines on a Sales Order go to the same Billing Document?

Do you know of a way to force more than one line on a sales order to go to billing at the same time (same billing).
In this case the lines are not delivery relevant and they will be related thru higher level item# ( part of the same sales BOM). I am looking for something other than a billing block on each line to make this happen.

It seems that it would be similar to the way delivery group ensures that all lines on a sales order in the same delivery group go to the same delivery... a kind of billing group concept.

Any ideas?

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