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Hi Laurie,

Many thanks for your post. It is helpful and I have marked it as helpful. Your post is giving good functional ideas. After I have more details, maybe I shall request you and members for more help.

For the better understanding of concepts & requirements, I have a question with regards to "background" (from your post). After creating a "new" CMR, why didn't your company go for Credit Management? By this way, the system would check for the "consumption" of the credit limit, that might have saved the effort by CS staff, of checking the credit limit every time before creating a FOC order.

Thank you, once again!

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A little background first. Our old method of giving certain customers a certain amount of free product each year was to create a separate customer master just for that customer's sample orders. At the first of the year we created a credit memo on that account number. Orders entered against that account number worked against that credit memo until it was used up. This required all the set-up of the customer masters and the credit memos. And Customer Service had to check the balance left on that account before keying the orders. If there was a balance left at the end of the year, we had to clear out that balance and create a new credit for the next year. Lots of work for little value.

Our new plan is to use our Standard Order type (OR) and the customer's normal AR account number. I have created a special order reason (801-classic club samples) for this program. I have also created a condition type (ZFPD - free product discount) for my Standard Pricing Procedure that is a discount, just like my other discount condition types. But I have checked the Condition update box. This allows me to create the ZFPD condition records with a 100% discount and then enter the maximum amount of free product in the Maximum Condition Value field -- for instance, -$500 would give the customer $500 of free product for the time period specified on the condition record. I then created a user exit in MV45AFZZ that looks to see if order reason is 801 and Net Value of the order is greater than 0, put the order on delivery block CS and present a message.

It does not sound like your plan requires the Maximum Condition Value, but the basic concept might work for you. It is really not difficult. Let me know if you need the MV45AFZZ code or any other details.

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