RE:[sap-log-sd] Scale Pricing doesnt Update

Posted by Typewriter
on Nov 3 at 2:10 AM
Hi sgupta17sap,

I have done some tests with regards to -
- lines in Tab Conditions, at line item level in a sales order &
- "going inside a line" by double clicking a line in Tab Conditions

Condition value in BLUE color is the same is both these "views". Thus I do not understand your posts; in which you are saying that there is a difference in field Condition value in both the above views.

Furthermore -
field Amount, SAP chooses the correct interval value from the # of EA or KG what ever is set in the condition record.
field Condition value, in blue color, is the value of that condition type.

Please explain in much more detail, the issue at hand.

Also, clarify if this is a header or item condition.

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From: sgupta17sap
Sent: Wednesday, November 02, 2011 12:13 PM
Subject: Scale Pricing doesnt Update

This line shows up after I double click on forst page "va01" and go in conditions tab
Zr01 is the another condition
V041smap is a variant
$60.00 Is a scale pricing

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