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Posted by sarat
on Nov 2 at 7:15 AM
Hello Mr. Typewriter,

You got it 100% correct. Data entry staff have to enter the distance manually and it would be made mandatory. I am trying to convince the business to see if this can be slightly modified and configured through route. As you have rightly pointed out, more the manual data entry, more the chances of errors.

Thank you very much for your contribution. I marked it helpful.

Warm regards,

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Hi Sarat,

In order to have more clarity about the business requirement -

In VA01, at line item level, Tab Shipping, an extra field "Distance". The system should then populate the value of a condition type in Tab conditions in the sales order (at item level) after processing/calculating based on this Distance.

Is my above description the business requirement?

Few more remarks -
- For every line item the user would have to manually type in the distance. There could be human error, how is the business going to counter this? (for Distance 100miles, user might type in 1000miles, then?)
- To counter, field Distance, not to be left out blank. Would field Distance be made mandatory?
- This field Distance shall be a feature of ALL sales document types or "activated / not activated" for sales document types.
E.g. for RE would business want this freight cost in the sales order, would the field Distance feature in return orders?
- above point for item categories

As you have described it, two suggestions -
- you might want to post this in ABAP and Development forums
- try to take the help and guidance of your ABAP colleague.

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