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Posted by alokkt (Mr)
on Jun 19 at 9:57 AM
waza ,
go to Tcode OBCO : there you will see two procedures for country: US TAXUSJ and TAXUSX . J is procedure when you maintain the taxation manually , x is procedure when you use a third party software for taxes . In OBCO you have to give four LG(length) parameters at hierarchial levels , so you define length of tax code at country , county and city level . In India you need taxes at country and state level . In some country there is a possiblity that a corporation pays taxes at four levels (include districts hypothetically) . Hope these answers your why ....few things are the way they are ...and that includes laws of the land else we need to dig a lot of history which might not be relevant atleast on this forum...
regardz ...

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1. US uses tax jurisdictions to determine the tax rate in each tax authority (state, county, city, etc)
2. Why?
3. Show the website link



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