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Posted by Typewriter
on Oct 31 at 10:26 AM
Hi Saratvamsi, Gentlemen,

Many thanks for your input.

Business scenario -
- Orders are created by Office1, company
- Deliveries are created by Office2, warehouse admin office. The WH admin staff create deliveries. The WH administration staff do NOT work on Saturdays and Sundays.
- The warehouse operational staff (who are responsible for picking, loading in the trucks / PGI) are working seven days per week.

The business wants ALL deliveries to be made by the WH admin staff. i.e. NO deliveries should be made automatically (by activation of field "immediate delivery" in sales document type in VOV8)

So in case of Rush orders (or Express deliveries) during the week-days, Office1 creates these rush orders and immediately deliveries are created by Office2. And the rest of the process continues.
But in the week-ends, Office2 WH admin staff are absent. Thus during these days (Sat and Sundays). We have to think of a "work-around"

I have thought about the process for week-ends Express deliveries (RO) as follows -
Office1 creates RO --> Printout of rush order, with Picking location, Material, quantity, SHTo address, Shipping point etc. (all that is needed for picking)
& Proforma invoice F5 (order based) automatically generated, this is for the truck driver to take with him/her.

Following Monday -
Office2 WH admin staff creates the delivery, on the basis of Printout of rush order and signed copy of Proforma invoice (signed by receiver and returned by Truck driver)
WH admin staff does picking and PGI in the system.
(as physically picking and PGI/ loading of goods is already done, in the week-end)

End of Month -
Billing document is created by processing billing due list by Office1
And billing document is sent via post to the customer (BP)

If the business scenario is not clear, please inform me, I shall elaborate further.
Also I shall be replying to specific posts of Waza, Marcel - in this thread - with answers / comments.

Thank you, in advance for your help and time.

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Subject: How to configure - special - Rush order?

Mr. Typewriter,

If you are using picking function in SAP, then delivery needs to be done, as we have to prepare a picking list. Picking list is more specific to warehouse layout and makes it easier for the warehouse staff to do the picking.

But the way, if you dont have staff to do the delivery on weekends, who is going to pick the stock. Sorry if I missed something.

Warm regards,


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