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Posted by jim-wolfe
on Oct 31 at 9:38 AM
Every system will be different about what condition tables are used. You can tell which one is being used from within VK11, VK12 or VK13, by clicking on the icon that looks like a key. You'll see the condition table# at the top of the popup window. Then you can find the condition record number by looking at the condition table via SE16 by preceding the 3digit number with an "A", e.g condition table 510 would be found by looking at table A510 in SE16.. You can also find the condition record number if you go into debug in one of the VK* tcodes then looking at field KONP-KNUMH

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Subject: Condition record number

HI Srikant,

A512 does not exist. I guess it should be A510 and A512.


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