RE:[sap-log-sd] How to configure - special - Rush order?

Posted by Typewriter
on Oct 31 at 10:47 AM
Hi Waza,

Why do you say "all on paper"? Do you mean that entire shipping processes is based on paper? Yes that is correct. In standard RO process, delivery document is created. Here, delivery document won't be created.

Office1 does not have access to the warehouse. Warehouse is of a third party vendor, with consists of Office2 warehouse administrative staff and Warehouse operational staff. Office1 is the company and shall NOT outsource the billing process to Office2. (nor will Office1 allow Office2 release billing blocks)

Please take a look at the description of the process, in a previous post and help me find the potential risks.

Many thanks!

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Subject: How to configure - special - Rush order?

Risk -- all on paper and paper goes missing.

So Office1 has access to the warehouse too?

Allow Office1 to do the deliveries for RO orders, but the VF01 (whoever does it) is blocked and needs to be released by Office2.



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