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Posted by Typewriter
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For me, most important would be what role does business partner play.
Is it a customer delivery (unloading) address? or Is it where my company bill has to be sent? etc.
The role of the business partner is the starting point or dictates the processes related to changes of that business partner.
E.g. If ShipTo is changes in that sales order, there shall no need for the system to re-process / re-determine the posting of accounts or billing information.

Take two approaches -
1) In the various types of CMRs, check what are the Tabs, fields; and then try to think what ALL processes are connected to this type of CMR.

2) In the sales order, in VA02, change Ship To and see what ALL re-determination is being done by the system. In the same lines - change BP, PY and see.

Some of the processes (redetermination) connected with business partners are -
SH -
- Route
- Taxes
- if change in Plant, then Shipping point

PY -
- Account determination
- Rebate activation / deactivation

Let us also wait for more input from members.
If you have any questions, please inform.

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Subject: Business Processes Affected By Grouping a Customer as Sold-to (0001) or Ship-to (0002) or Payer

Hello experts,

What business processes are affected by grouping customer as Ship to (0002) or Sold to (0001) or Payer or Bill-to? For example:

1) Plant and shipping point determination
2) Taxes
3) Credit Management
4) A/R

My question is from customer master conversion perspective. If one groups an active customer into ship-to 0002, what constraints he or she may face?

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