Re: [sap-log-sd] Change of Field Description in Material Master Data

Posted by sachingaur21
on Oct 19 at 4:39 AM
Go through this doc and change it according to your requirement.

Let me know your mail ID so that I can share full doc to you.

*Implementing Field Exit for the transaction MK01*

"In this scenario, I would like to explain about *Field exit enhancement*
for *MK01* standard transaction in *Control *tab under *Tax information".*

*Note : *This field Enhancement will reflect in the transactions *XD01, FK01
* and *MK01.*

Go to "MK01" transaction

Enter the Vendor, Purchase Organization and Check the Control details in
General data

[image: K01/FieldE8.jpg]

The Enhancement fields are *SS number*, *em no* and *Fiscal address* under *Tax
Information (**as shown below)*

[image: K01/FieldE9.jpg]

Go to "*CMOD*" transaction

Go to Standard Menu : Goto-->Text enhancements-->Keywords-->Change

[image: K01/FieldE10.jpg]

Enter the Data Element: *STCD1*

[image: K01/FieldE11.jpg]

*Change* Description : *ss number *

[image: K01/FieldE12.jpg]

Change *Tax Code1 is as shown below*

[image: K01/FieldE13.jpg]

Press "*Save"*

Specify the Request Number

[image: K01/FieldE14.jpg]

Enter the Data Element: *STCD2*

[image: K01/FieldE15.jpg]

Change *Tax Code2 as shown below*

[image: K01/FieldE16.jpg]

Press "*Save"*

*Specify the Request Number*

Enter the Data Element : *FISKN_K*

[image: K01/FieldE17.jpg]

Change description* is as shown below with "Financial Year" *

[image: K01/FieldE18.jpg]

Press "*Save"*

*Specify the Request Number*

Now, Go to transaction MK01.

The Field Enhancement details are shown below.

[image: K01/FieldE19.jpg]

Thanks and regards,
Sachin Gaur
SAP ABAP/4 Consultant

---------------Original Message---------------
From: Konstantinos Kark
Sent: Wednesday, October 19, 2011 3:34 AM
Subject: Change of Field Description in Material Master Data

We would like to change the description of the fields MVKE-PRAT1
(2,3,....10) that are appeared in Sales: sales org. 2 view in MM02 (if this
is possible).

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