[sap-log-sd] Reg Condition Category Field in Discount Condition Type

Question from srikant on Feb 8 at 10:36 PM
Hi all,

Can someone reply for my query related to the condition category in a discount condition type?

Had maintained? the condition category field as X-Customer reserve X for discount condition type so that when i execute a customized T.code for updating the payment term for a sales order the discount condition type? 100 % populated automatically in the item level in the sales order? So that the net value of the sales order becomes zero.

But now we are encountering an issue when the user manually change the payment term as FREE OF CHARGE, discount condition type is automatically populated in the sales order.

Requirement - the client now requires to restrict the automatic population of the condition type when the user manually changes the payment terms as FROC either during Create sales order /change sales order

to further add -any pricing routine has to be included based on the order type /payment term and condition type
or this can be met using the user exit.

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