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Hi Stephen,

Thank you for "enriching" this discussion by introducing the point of "the potential discomfort" for the end-user when the number of sales document types increase.

I agree with you. But I also feel that currently there is not a lot of information – from the thread owner – about the requirement, in order for members to give an accurate solution. Thus we all are suggesting a spectrum of solutions (probable solutions).

It could also be that changing the item category in the line item of the sales order (automatically or manually) is not the solution for this requirement. E.g In VOV7, field pricing = B, Pricing for free goods. Maybe the user would like to have (keep) a surcharge based on "Price group" (or customer group). And changing the step number of a condition type in the pricing procedure is not an option.

It could also be that FD sales document type is not a possible solution for the reasons you have mentioned. Also – may be – business wants an invoice document to be created. There could be the need of having pricing in the sales order with price (PR00) as zero.

PS - I have marked your post as helpful.

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From: Stephen Baker
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Subject: Setting Up a Free of Charge Price for a Single Material

I fully with Jeremy on this one - the item category (either determined based on the material item cat group if always free, or manually changed) with then a 100% discount is the way to go.

Given the implication in the question is that these materials will be mixed with others a separate document type is both overkill and awkward to use for the end user. I do have a passionate dislike of unnecessary document types though!

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