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Posted by Dutch
on Dec 14 at 6:34 PM
It depends. Dave's solution is appropriate if you overcharged the customer because a pricing condition was incorrect. If the customer felt overcharged because the article didn't arrive in the expected state, arrived too late, or did not meet other expectations, it may be appropriate to create a standard credit memo request. However, it is best practice to, whenever possible, create the request with reference to the billing document. This ensure the system records the product's history, the correct product/customer/pricing details are referenced and it ensures proper reporting.

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Subject: Should Credit Memo Have Line Items/Materials

Hi all,

My question is if a sales order is created and the item is based on delivery related billing, I would expect there to be a delivery document created with reference to the sales order, a post good issue for the delivery and ultimately a billing document to complete the cycle. Assuming the customer receives the billing document and says they have been overcharged, would the user:

A) Create a credit memo request and then bill it to create the credit note.

B) Create a credit memo request with reference to the original sales order and bill it to create the credit note.

In either A or B, would you expect the credit memo request to contain the original material number from the sales order or something else.


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