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Reply from Adriano on Feb 18 at 5:39 PM
The way I set up reference condition type in past was to pull the condition records from another condition type.
For example, in your above case, while defining ZF2, you enter ZF1 as Ref.ConType and V as RefApplication in the master data section of condition deficition, That way, you can pull the condition records (=$11) created for ZF1. You don't have to create condition records for ZF2. If you want $11 to be changed to $9 at the same time, I don't think standard configuration is available. You may need special condition value formula.

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Subject: Pricing Reference Condition Type With Value Changes

Hi experts,
I have two freight condition types with the same access sequence. They vary in the value of the condition record but everything else including scale values is the same, eg.
ZF1 = $11 flat rate up to $500
ZF2 = $9 flat rate up to $500
I thought I could use 'Reference Condition Type' field in the Condition Type configuration but I can not maintain a different rate for the 2 condition type. Is there a way to set these condition types so that updates can be done simultaneously but still allow changing the rates individually for one of the condition types?
Many Thanks,

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