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Why was the user "adding" a bill to party from another sales area to a SP?
What is the procedure followed?
Does the MDM team not have to extend the CMR to the appropriate sales area, before adding?

Also, I tested with have BP and SP from two different company codes and sales areas. BP could be added to SP but there was an error message which you have posted earlier.
Maybe if business does not want these types of "incidents" this message could be setup as an error message rather than - as it is now - a warning message.

Thank you all for this interesting thread!

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Subject: Partner Types PY and BP

Hi, this question is regarding partner types PY and BP. I am noticing that while system is not allowing me to add a PY partner in the customer master which is not extended to the sold to sales org, I am able to add a partner for BP which is also not extended to SP sales org. What is the difference between these 2 PF which is causing this?

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