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Customer ###### has not been created for sales area %%%

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Certain attributes can be maintained for the account groups of the customer being processed. These attributes are copied into the customer master record when it is created. When a customer master is changed, the attributes which have been changed in the meantime in customizing are changed in the customer master.

The attributes are automatically maintained when you save the customer master record.

You can maintain or display the relevant attributes for each account group via customizing if you have the authorization to do so.

Based on my testing the system validated whether the partner was extended to the S.O. sales org only for SH, and PY PF. It excluded BP from this. In case of BP only a warning msg came, whereas for SH & PY the above hard error msg was there.
If we look at the PF , then both PY and BP have KU partner type assigned. So the question as to what is causing this difference in there behavior is not clear? It seems to me that the behavior of PF SH and PY is hard coded in the system.

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Hi, this question is regarding partner types PY and BP. I am noticing that while system is not allowing me to add a PY partner in the customer master which is not extended to the sold to sales org, I am able to add a partner for BP which is also not extended to SP sales org. What is the difference between these 2 PF which is causing this?

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