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This is a long thread but there's good info in it. I want to try to understand why a single table would be used.

I've always thought of access sequence as "an IF statement using tables". Based on how you place the tables, SAP goes through each one top down and the first table that satisfies the given information "wins". My understanding is that the fields in use (other than rates and such) are keys to the table.

So in this case, we're setting up a table with 5 or 6 keys, but will allow blanks in all but the first field (say "customer"), allowing you to have customer numbers with all blanks substituting for a separate customer table, then customer/material with all blanks substituting for a separate customer/material table, etc? Is that the intent? If so, it sounds very interesting.

- Lou

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Subject: Is Special Access Sequence Possible?

Hello experts,

I have a discount condition ZDIS with access sequence (ZDIS) as follows:
- Access # 10 Customer
- Access# 20 Customer/Material
- Access # 30 Customer pr group/Material
- Access # 40 Customer pr group/ Material pr group

Instead, can I create a single access sequence (ZDS2) as follows for the use in ZDIS condition type?
- Access # 10 Customer/Material/Customer pr group/Material pr group

In VK11, I don't want all these fields to be compulsory. i.e

1) In VK11, if I enter 'Customer' only and the amount, this record should be pulled in the sales order. (Rest of the fields should be optional)
2) If I enter 'Customer pricing gr/material' key combination only in VK11, I want this record to be pulled in sales order.

The only intention is to prevent the multiple steps in access sequence.

Is there any standard configuration available for this?

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