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The Sold To, Bill To, Payer, Ship To a lot of flexibility in your SAP system. We generally sell through Distributors. When dealing with Distributors who have a national presents we generally use this model

National Head Office is set up as the Payer and where the credit limit is maintained
Regional Hub Offices are set up as Bill To for the branches the cover.
Local Branch Offices are set up as the Sold To. This is where we maintain product authorization, discount from list price, at this level

We set the accounts up so that the default Ship To is the branch office account, if the customer requires shipping to a different location we manually change the address and check the applicable Federal and Provincial tax's

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Today we use (as most of you I guess) Ship-to, Sold-to, Payer and Bill-to.

As we are preparing a major roll out during 2012-2013 we are going through the processes and how things are created today.

What partner type would you say that you do the business with, sold-to or payer??
On what partner type do you set the credit limit? We set it on payer level today.

Are there anything in particular that we should think of when configurint the different partner types?

Thank you and best regards

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