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Reply from Frankie-wang on Feb 28 at 9:20 PM
Hello Experts,

It seems the root cause is the items in this sales BOM is partially delivered, that means a delivery order has been created without including all the Sales BOM items, and one of the key item is missed. that caused this order is not completed. i have tried to prevent the partial delivery, i select the complete del flag in the customer master record. but when i run VL01N to create a testing delivery, the system only have a warning message. i have two questions here:

1. How to define the complete delivery in the sales order type level. i believe there is a flag in the order definition --- business data section, but i can not find it in ECC 6.0

2. How to change the message VL049 from warning to error.

Thanks very much in advance.


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From: Frankie Wang
Sent: Friday, February 24, 2012 2:03 AM
Subject: Completed Orders in V.15 - Back Orders


I am having couple of orders, which are fully delivered and billed.But still these orders are appearing in the V.15- back order list.Alo these orders are appearing in the delivery due list.

I want to understand why these orders are appearing in the V.15 and delivery due list and what is the solution for rectifying this problem.

Looking for immediate assistance.

Thanks in advance

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