Re: [sap-log-sd] Credit management problem for a Sold-to customer using a "Payer"

Reply from srikant on Feb 28 at 10:08 PM

Did you check in S067 /S065 -Infostructures and in FD33 customer credit management -sales value field for the open SD documents


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Subject: Credit management problem for a Sold-to customer using a "Payer"

We have a problem identifying blocked sales orders when the Sold-to customer is using a "Payer", linked to a PY partner in the customer master partner functions. The orders do not show in VKM1. They show in VKM4 but with an "A" for Overall Credit Status but we cannot create a delivery when the customer is over their credit limit. I certainly understand the credit limit issue but we have trouble identifying them in advance. They do not appear to me to be blocked but they are. Are "Payers" managed differently for Credit Management? If not, we may have a customizing problem.

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