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Hi Rushi,
Choose Account Group 0009 [ Internal Customer] and create Customer master record for the Supplying Plants and the receiving plants with the distribution channel as Stock transport.
Create Customer master for manufacturing plant A with customer code as A Plant and similarly for B C and D [ defining shipping data for plants]
2] Assign delivery type and checking rule : if you are following SD route then define delivery type NL replenishment delivery for stocks transport orders without a billing document.
here you have to give the document type as UB
Respective supplying plant and the delivery type as NL and checking rule as 01.and repeat the steps for other plants.
then you have to assign billing types to delivery types
delivery type - NL
billing type - jex and save


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From: Rushi NR
Sent: Thursday, January 05, 2012 2:01 AM
Subject: STO Query - Supplying Plant

Dear All

[Manufacturing to Depo and Depo to Depo.]

My requirement is supplying Plant [A] and receiving Plant [Z] material
is 0.87 mm bottles

supplying Plant [B] and receiving Plant [Z] material is 1.22 mm bottles.

supplying Plant [C] and receiving Plant [Z] material is 5.0 mm bottles.

Supplying plants are located in A=Mumbai, B=Delhi and C=Pune different
location and receiving Plant is in Bangalore.

Please answer whether I can do this.

Regards with thanks

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