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Reply from Dutch on Jan 15 at 5:44 PM
Hi Ian,
There's a fair bit of config around credit management, so this is a tough one to answer. But start by checking transaction code OVAK to see if the credit check has been assigned to the relevant sales order types. Also check transaction code OVA8 to see if entries exist for the credit control area that is assigned to your sales area(s). Also in OVA8 check if the result of the credit check is set to be a block (because not all credit checks necessarily result in a block on the document).
If none of the above helps then I'd suggest to get someone in to have an actual look at the config.

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From: Ian Worral
Sent: Friday, January 13, 2012 5:15 AM
Subject: SO Exceeded Credit Limit but not Placed on Hold

Hi All,

The client told me that if a customer does exceed their credit limit then the credit limit block is at sales order and delivery level, however it is only affecting couple of sales orders at the moment. These sales orders were raised a while ago and client did not realize until now when they did re-costing.

The credit limit for these customers were set in the system 10, 0000/25, 00000 and particular sales orders value itself is over 15, 0000/40, 0000.

The client would like to know why system did not place the credit hold, why did this issue happen, are there any standard SAP reports to see orders which have exceeded the credit limit, how to fix and how we can avoid similar situation in the future?

The credit limit is correct in the system I have checked.
I am after some help here :-)

How can I check the configuration has been done correctly or not?
Are there any other specific reasons why system did not put a hold on the sales orders?


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