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Hi saps,

It would be interesting to know why (the reason) you think pricing is not part of an inquiry.

In the SAP system -
- item category for IN sales document type is AFN, in VOV7 for AFN pricing = X Pricing standard.
- when you create an inquiry in VA11, you can see a net value (and other pricing elements like condition types etc.), when AFN is used as item category
- also in the inquiry, at header level, tab Sales, the pricing procedure can be seen. In standard configuration it is RVAA01 Standard pricing procedure
This pricing procedure is also (depending upon the pricing procedure assignment) used in OR sales document type.

From a business perspective -
- When a buyer makes an inquiry he/she also wants an "indicative price". That is why, it seem logical to have pricing in inquiry (IN sales document type).

Would you please give some real-time examples where IN sales document type have been used? Was pricing element being used in inquiries?

Thank you in advance!

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Subject: Field is not Known for Condition Access While Creating Inquiry

Firstly, in inquiry, there is no need to check the CTypes and pricing procedure, as pricing does not happen in inquiry.
Kindly confirm the SDoc Type that you are using? Are you using a std one or is it created?

Thanks and warm regards,

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