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Hi Pamela,

I have thought of an idea and done some tests. Please see below a description of the idea. Check if the below could meet your requirement.

You have said that business would like to create a Proforma.

With the billing type (F8), a pricing procedure could be assigned.

1. Create a pricing procedure ZZZZ01
2. In that pricing procedure ONLY keep ZPR0 (copy of PR00), to have price of the sample goods.
3. Delivery ZLO (copy of LO = Delivery without sales order).
4. In 0vlk (zeroVLK) in ZLO, give Default order type = ZDL (copy of DL).
5. In VOV8, in your sales document type ZDL, field Delivery related billing give F8
6. In F8, field Document pricing procedure give a value (e.g. &)
7. In OVKK determine pricing for this billing type (Sales area + CuPP + DoPP, billing type = Pricing procedure: ZZZZ01
8. In VK11 give value for ZPR0
9. Test -
- create delivery with delivery type ZLO
- do picking, PGI
- create billing document in VF01, billing type = F8
- the pricing details shall be picked up i.e. pricing procedure ZZZZ01, ZPR0 value.

Please give your comments.

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Subject: Pricing in Outbound Delivery Without Ref to Sales Order


I am creating a delivery without ref to sales order. I need to do pricing in the delivery for the material sold.

1 ) I have never done the above. Can someone tell what are the config steps for the same and what is the t code to create condition records (is it same as VK11 ).

2 ) Secondly I need to carry the pricing in the delivery to the proform invoice created with ref to delivery. How to do the same?


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