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Hi G.J.Raju,

In sales process condition type VPRS is the cost of the material. This statistical condition type could take the value from MMR i.e. MM02/3 from field "Moving price" or "Standard price", Tab Accounting1.
Furthermore with AltCal Type 11,in the pricing procedure, the profit is calculated in the sales order by subtracting VPRS from Net value.

When Pamela talks about pricing is she referring to VPRS or to PR00 (if we take standard SAP SD terminology)?

If I have not understood your post, then please explain it.

Thank you in advance!


An extract from your previous post -
"So I think the system may not allow since tax condition type/VPRS is compulsory? is it ?"
A condition type could be made mandatory (or optional) in the pricing procedure (V/08), field "Required".

Please explain your process again and more clearly.
Also read the post by Sridharan. It is a good post.

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Subject: Pricing in Outbound Delivery Without Ref to Sales Order

Hi Pamela,

As I mean the material pricing is capture from Material Master
>>>Accounting 1>>>Standard price as "S". The condition type is VPRS for
Material price. If the Standard price maintained at material master, the
same price will reflect at PGI level also.

Accounting entries as such:
Stock account Debit :Dr
Cost of good solf account :CR.

Hence you can capture your material price from the system using VPRS
condition type.

Please correct me, if I am wrong.

SAP-SD Consultant. Tata Technologies Ltd

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