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Reply from Typewriter on Jan 20 at 12:06 PM
Hi saps,

Please do the below test -

With the as-is data (i.e. field U = Unique is activated)

In XD01, create a ShipTo party customer master record. And see if you can insert multiple SH master records in that SH cmr.

I assume that it would NOT be possible. With every customer account group where SH partner function is present, user can NOT have multiple SH cmrs. (in a SP or in one SH)

I want to make the point that "Unique key" is separately set, at a partner function level & is applicable for all the partner procedures across account groups, - in this case - "Set Up Partner Determination for Customer Master" is taken as an example to explain the concept.

If you have comments, questions about the above; please do convey them.

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From: saps
Sent: Friday, January 20, 2012 8:38 AM
Subject: Partner Function SH Already Exists


When I am trying to enter two ship to parties for a sold-to party, I am getting this error:

Partner function SH already exists (only defined once)
Message no. F2188

Please advise why I am unable to add ONLY a ship-to party more than once, but I am able to add payer and bill-to party more than once.

I have also defined customer hierarchy. Could it be a reason?

Thanks in advance.

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