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Reply from Typewriter on Jan 20 at 2:18 PM

Lets take this issue from another angle -

Please do the below -

PART 1 -

1. In XD03, find out another SP customer master record with the same sales area and company code as 500025

2. In SPRO>Sales and D>Basic Functions>Partner Determination>Set Up partner determination
"Set Up Partner Determination for Customer Master"
In option "Partner Functions" check for SP is U (unique) activated?

If yes,

3 In XD02, check for 500025,
In button Sales Area Data, Tab Partner Functions try to ADD - SP, a customer master record; which you have found out in point 1

It would NOT be possible to add an SP in 500025.

You shall get the below message (as you have got above) -

Partner function SP already exists (only defined once)
Message no. F2188

The reason for this is point 2, U is activated.

PART 2 -

4. When U for SP is deactivated, then TWO or MORE SP can be entered in the SP of 500025 (i.e. SP 500025, SP 1200 for e.g)

Similarly, when SH can NOT be added multiple times, this is because of U is activated for SH partner function. (please see earlier posts)

PS - I have tested Part 1 and 2. Please test it, this might make things clearer :)

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Sent: Friday, January 20, 2012 12:51 PM
Subject: Partner Function SH Already Exists

Hi Mr.Kanabesa and Mr.Typewriter,

I have a very confusing situation here.
Two days before, I had created a SP 500025 for diff. company code which had:
SP 500025
BP 500025
PY 500025
SH 500025
SH 500028
SH 500029
Why did it allow then?

Thanks and Regards,

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