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Reply from saps on Jan 6 at 12:49 PM
Hi Mr.Typewriter,

You have answered my third question. 'Why do we need an order reason in a normal sales order?', but generally an order reason is automatically triggered in the case of returns or for credit memo, right? and if we give an order reason, won't the sales order get blocked? If so how does one justify the pre-requisites of alt. sales doc. type (While declaring an alternative sales doc. type, one of the prerequisites is that sales doc. type must not be blocked. ) or have I misunderstood it :D and I would also like to know the relation between alt. sales doc. type and order reason.

With all these in mind, I wanted to know if it is a normal sales order or a returns.

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I cannot change the reason code in the sales order. I have defined alternate sales doc type for my sales document. Is it related to this setting?


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