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Reply from Typewriter on Jan 6 at 11:38 AM
Hi saps,

Thank you for persisting with your question and refining it with the development of this thread! :)

Let us just concentrate on SAP standard configuration -
- In VOV8, for sales document type QT, Order related billing = F5 (Proforma)
- BUT in VOV7, for item category AGN, the field "Billing relevance" = BLANK

Thus with the above standard settings for a quotation (QT) with item category (AGN) there would NOT any billing document possible!

So first of all for a billing document (Proforma or anything) configurer would have change the billing relevance of the item category, in the quotation process :)

Even if item category has been modified, then ALSO user shall face error.
In VTFA there is NO QT --> F5.

Even if SAP has given -
In VOV8, for QT, field Order related billing = F5.
SAP has NOT support this is multiple places. As I have pointed out.

From a business perspective -

In my opinion, I would discourage the creation of a Proforma (F5) in a quotation process. The objective is to give the potential customer the prices and material details, this would be less work for the company to create an output of the quotation rather than doing extra steps to create a billing document.
I would create a clear output (with the layout the company desires) to clearly convey all necessary information.

On a general note - questions a configuration / process / etc. in SAP, by comparing it with the business logic and vice versa, is a good learning tool.

If you have comments, questions, please do let us know.

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Subject: Difference between Proforma Invoice and QT

Wow. i got it. Thank you very much Mr.Gavin. But why does a customer need a proforma invoice when we have already submitted the quotation? I am really sorry, but I am not able to figure out the exact difference.

Rather, the question should be 'when do we use a proforma invoice and in which cases do we use quotation?'

Thanks and regards

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