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Posted by sapsd_learner
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As per my understanding, the rebate is actually valid for only a month and must be renewed/extended every month. My suggestion is can't we write a code that starting every month, the sales volume is reset automatically to 0 after the accrued amount is added? Sorry, am unable to think beyond this.

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Hi All,

I assume what I am asking might be quite a basic question but I haven't been able to find a proper response yet. Would appreciate if someone could forgive my unfamiliarity with rebates and clarify this a little more.

The scenario is that we have a rebate agreement with some customers. The agreement is such that if for a month the customer hits $X of sales the customer will get Y% rebate. Now this agreement is reset every month i.e. if the customer fails to hit $X within this month then next month he needs to start from 0 or if the customer manages to go over $X this month then the appropriate credit is issued and the counter for next month is reset.
In such a case I imagine I can create a single rebate agreement per customer and then set the validity to be a month and then issue partial rebate every month. However, would this accomplish the task of resetting the sales volume or do I need to do something more like Change Validity Periods or Extend the Agreement. I imagine the solution would be simpler than creating a new agreement each month. Any suggestion on the best way to map this scenario?

Thanks for all the help.

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