Re: [sap-log-sd] Credit Management with Respect to Payment Terms

Reply from raparlamani on Jan 6 at 7:45 AM

Credit imit and payment terms are two different scenarios. If we had set an credit limit for 10lacs ...then we might have set an limit existing period.

Please try to be more clear on your question.

Which credit check your using ....static or dynamic.

Payment terms are once again different attributes or parameters which
control the payment checks.

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From: Pradeep Mani
Sent: Thursday, January 05, 2012 9:34 PM
Subject: Credit Management with Respect to Payment Terms

I want to configure credit management for my customers. The business goes like this if the credit limit limit of my customer is Rs10,00,000/-,if he is invoiced for Rs 1,00,000/- and there are no other open items. And if the payment term is 15 days. After 16 days if customer have not cleared his due of Rs 1 lakh, the system should allow the customer to book any order. Please tell me how to configure it.

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