RE:[sap-log-sd] Delay Billing for an EDI Customer

Reply from britte1973 on Jan 26 at 5:46 PM
Hi Dave,

I do agree... accounting would not like it if we didn't recognize the revenue immediately after we PGI the shipments. The POD process option I believe delays this creation which isn't what we want because of the accounting reasons. I will need to setup the timing as 1 for the output condition and run RSNAST00. Problem is that we bill nightly and I will have to add date parameters to the RSNAST00 selection screen to only pick output that was proposed current - 1 day or 2 days depending on what the business wants. Thanks for responding!


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Subject: Delay Billing for an EDI Customer

Britte -

It seems to me that delaying the creation of the billing could be a bad idea - if you ship the last day of the month and don't bill for several days, then create the invoice with a billing date in the closed month, for example.

If I had this situation, I would either look into SD POD processing, or set the timing on the output condition record for that customer to 1 - 'send with periodically scheduled job', and run RSNAST00 specifically for this customer with a dynamic date selection some time in the past (and make sure the other RSNAST00 job doesn't pick them up).


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