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Reply from Dave Thornburgh on Jan 23 at 3:04 PM
TW -

I think you have fairly well investigated this, and correctly determined that you cannot have SH unique in one PDProcedure, and also have it non-unique in another. Your only way to proceed, then, is with a new custom partner type.

Ultimately, though, I think you'll find that this won't work in the case of SH. There are a great many areas in sales document processing where the code looks specifically for the SH party (actually, in the database it's represented as WE internally). The logic of SD requires that you have the WE partner function, and it doesn't have a mechanism to figure out what custom partner function you might be trying to use in its place.

To make a long story short (too late), your best bet would probably be to investigate the use of user exits in both customer maintenance and document maintenance, to enforce the one-shipto limit on certain account groups.


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Dear saps, Members,

Please give your comments for the below question -

Business scenario and business requirement:
A company has two types of customers - Class A and Class B.
The requirement for Class A customers is that they should NOT have more than 1 ship to parties. Thus in the SP of a customer it should not be possible to enter more than 1 SH cmr.
The requirement for Class B customers is that they have multiple ship to parties across the country. Thus in the SP of a customer it should be possible to enter more than 1 SH cmr.

How can we configure this requirement?

If we activate field U (uniqueness) for SH, then that shall be activated for ALL account groups. In other words it would NOT be possible to have multiple ship to parties for Class A and Class B customers. That would not satisfy our requirement!

Thank you in advance for your help!

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