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Reply from sarat on Jan 23 at 2:28 PM
Dear Typewriter,

I got the same issues when trying to configure the below scenario. I will explain the requirement in more detail.

Our customer is a big corporate, let us say X. They have offices at various locations A, B, and C. All the locations place their orders with the client. But, the invoice has to be split into 2. 80% to be paid by the location and rest 20% by the head office.

The problem is to have two payers for the one line item, which I never configured. We can create a different SO and billing for distinguishing between them and normal orders.

Can you please through some light on how to go about this.

Warm regards,

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Subject: Creating an Invoice on a Percentage of Net Value

Hi Sarat,

1. Please give an example.
E.g. is it sales order with Net value = 100Euros and that has to be billed with two billing documents?
2. Please comment on - If a sales order has two line items, each line item has 1EA of material, each line item is worth 50Euros, then how would one split this in to two billing documents; one worth 20Euros and the other worth 80Euros?
3. When you say "some of the billing document" how would SAP identify which billing documents (or which documents)?

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