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Reply from sridharan_rajagopalan on Jan 9 at 9:04 AM
HI Mr.Typewriter,

In general it is advisable that the tables in SAP are not updated
manually. Also, the users should not have access rights for updating Z
tables normally.

So considering the above, it is better to hard code the scale.I agree with
you that in case the scales has to be changed in future it is not
flexible.But as this routine is customized one, it would not be big job for
an ABAPER to change the scales.

Of course if other better solution is possible, I welcome that.


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Hi Sridharan,

Thank you for your post! I have marked it as helpful!
Furthermore, on a general note, thank you for your posts; they are of good quality.

Could you please elaborate on the following point -
"With the result of table the logic
should compare it with the scale hard coded in your logic and accordingly
the discount should be applied in the pricing procedure."

Also - In my opinion - hard coding shall restrict user from changing the number of sales orders say for example -
currently - From 101 to 200 sales orders 5% discount and next from 201 to 300 orders 10% discount.
but during the course of giving discount, if company wants to change -
From 101 to 150 sales orders 5% discount and next from 151 to 300 orders 10% discount.

Would creating a Z table be a better option, and then having the sales orders vis-a-vis the percentage discount? with a transaction code, so that user can maintain this Z table?

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