[sap-log-sd] Variant Configuration and Header Info

Question from 3dfx4ever on Dec 19 at 11:42 AM
Hello !
I've the following need:

In an SD document, I've a lot of configurable positions and all that positions have the characteristic "Colour" (among the others). I need to change with "one touch" the value of Colour caracteristic of all positions (i.e. if the customer changes idea).

My idea was to associate the colour values to a field of VBAK (i.e. VSNMR_V), to re-create "Colour" as a reference characteristic of VBAK-VSNMR_V, so that when I update the VSNMR_V in VA01/VA02, the value is updated in all positions.

I tried this solution, but I found 2 problems:

1) when I link a material to the values of caracteristic (by CS02), the material is correctly attached to the position only the first time, but when i start to change the VBAK-VSNMR_V value, I find the correct value in cofiguration, but the material is not attached;
This problem doesn't occur when i use normal characteristics (not reference ones).

2) Even if i solve problem 1, I think that I have to enter in each position/configuration to make the attached materials and the price changed and so the problem is present again.

What solution do you suggest ?
Kind regards.
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