[sap-log-sd] How to Prevent Changes from 'Pricing Date' in the Creation of a Sales Order

Posted by MikeKriley
on Dec 8 at 12:25 PM
When creating a sales order I don't want customer service the ability to change the "price date".

The "validity period" has to be when the sales order is created.

For example:
Today's date is 12/08/11
Validity periods

01/01/11 to 12/31/2011 $100/ 1 kg

01/01/12 to 12/31/9999 $110/ 1 kg

Create a sales order today and the price shows $100 / 1 kg because the "price date" defaults to today's date. But if I change the the "price date" to 01/01/2012 the price becomes $110/ 1 kg.

I would like the "price date" to still default to today's date but have it greyed out so the end user cannot change it.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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