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Posted by Typewriter
on Dec 12 at 7:33 AM
Hi Praveen,

I agree with Srinivas that the payment terms coming from the condition record overwrites the payment terms coming from the CMR.

Adding to Srinivas reddy's post -

1. In XD01, extend CMR for sales area with the particular divisions (e.g. 05, 06)
2. In VOV8, in your sales document type activate field "item division"
This shall "permit" different division at header level and different division at item level. For a line item division shall come from the MMR.

By doing the above two steps, the system shall search for condition records with the particular division at item level, even if user has put division 00 at header level (initial selection screen)

Also as Srinivas has indicated proper condition records (for division 05, 06), with the payment terms has to be maintained.

One of the points is to have a field "division" in your condition table. To specify for particular divisions condition record should have particular payment terms.

If there are any issues, please convey them.

Good luck!

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From: Praveen kumar
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Subject: Payment terms issue

Here our business is Distribution. The issue is:

All the customer Master's were maintained in Common div. Now the user wants to have different payment terms for single customer(Div wise). for eg(customer: 500010 Payment terms Div 05: ZMB2, Div 06 : ZMB3)

But While creating SO. The user want to give 00 common div. His requirement is system should analyse and fetch the payment terms with customer code and Material combination.

is it possible?

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