RE:[sap-log-sd] Movement Type in Consignment Fill Up

Posted by Eklavya
on Dec 14 at 5:26 AM
In consignment fill up process we have a Consignment fill up order and a consignment fill up delivery. In this step of consignment, you are not invoicing the customer. Document flow is sales order and delivery. The delivery item category will not be relevant for billing and pricing because you are not charging money for these goods in this step.

In schedule line category, you will set movement type 631 and set for availability check and TOR.

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Subject: Movement Type in Consignment Fill Up

During Consignment Fill Up, though there is actual material movement of goods, but it is not relevant for delivery and the movement type is 631. How could we account for material movement 631 when there is actual movement of goods, but no delivery.

Kindly explain. Thanks and regards,

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