RE:[sap-log-sd] Minimum Order to Apply to the Complete Order if One Item Is a Specific Type of Product.

Posted by Typewriter
on Dec 12 at 10:07 PM
Hi Lester,

If you give a clearer example, it would be easier to suggest the probable options.

If you are talking about minimum order value, then yes AMIW and AMIZ could be the solution.

Steps to take -
1. Create new condition table: In standard configuration AMIW has access sequence K020 which has a field "Price group". By the help of this field customers are grouped together. You want to group according to material. Therefore you have to create a condition table with field "Material pricing group" (in MMR, Tab Sales:Sales org 2). Put this condition table in the access sequence (remove the previous condition table - with price group - if not required, from the access sequence).
2. In the MMRs, put this Material pricing group in Tab Sales:Sales org 2
3. In VK11 create condition record for AMIW (minimum order quantity)

Better would be make copies of AMIW, AMIZ, K020 and then do the necessary changes; keeping standard settings untouched.

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Subject: Minimum Order to Apply to the Complete Order if One Item Is a Specific Type of Product.

I have a situation for minimum order to apply to the complete order if one of the items is a specific type of product. For instance if product a is on item 1, I will add all items of the order to determine the value regardless of the product line of the other items. Any suggestions? I have used amiw and amiz previously, but not sure how to implement this scenario.

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