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Posted by Typewriter
on Dec 9 at 8:45 AM
Hi Liz,

In my opinion the description of your process flow is complicated! Could you please explain "their latest PO" concept? What do you exactly mean by PO?

From SAP SD process perspective, I would configure this scenario as follows -
1. Normal sales process (sales order, dlv, billing)
2. Return process (return order, delivery, order-related billing = RE credit memo). At this step customer has got the money back and the defective goods are in the company warehouse (maybe in a segregated location e.g. Blocked location)
3. Repair process (repair order with pricing if applicable, delivery from company to customer, billing if applicable). Furthermore with settings in VOV8 and copy control, sales document type (Repair order) can be configured to be created with Reference to Return order.

Another variation could be -
2. Do not do billing in other words do not give the money back to the customer.
3. Do not do billing as customer has already payed for the goods.

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Subject: Dealer's Order (PTO) SO/Invoice and Inventory

I have a question from a user.

User created SO, did the picking and billing.

When goods received by customer, part was found defective. Since the defective part is repairable they returned it under the batch no. of their newly ordered item. So the credit received was then booked to their latest PO.

Now the credit floats to their GR/IR account.


Can user prepare Return PO with 1 line item only with account assignment
charged to their SO/invoice without affecting inventory? So that credit
received would lessen the cost of their SO??

What should be the right process for this scenario?


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