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Posted by srinivasreddy123
on Dec 15 at 12:44 AM
Hi Srinivas Reddy

I have one more idea.

First create invoice correction request (RK) by using va01.

It is also same as CR but it is having indicator D (invoice correction

And when you are creating the RK
give the invoice number and create the document.

In this you will get one more line item by copying all the materials from the

In this line item you can do the modifications.
Don't forget to remove the billing block
then diff amount between invoice and invoice correction req
that is the value of document.

For this amount you can create credit memo by vf01.

Please correct if am wrong.

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Good posts by all three members! Thank you for your posts!


One point maybe worth noting is if a company has NOT configured the Invoice Correction process (i.e. RK, copy control etc. etc.) then the business user would have to go with what is available to him/her.

Furthermore, we can say that Credit memo and Debit memo can be used as substitutes for the Invoice correction request & credit memo.

PS - I have marked your post as helpful.

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