Re: [sap-log-sd] Accounting Entries at Rebate Settllement

Reply from PSD Rajan on Dec 22 at 9:08 AM
The entries are correct. There are two parts to it. First two lines for
paying the customer. The last two lines to reverse the accrual. There is
a general feeling that the payment should be made from the accrual, but SAP
allows you to pay a different amount than the one that is accrued. Hence
the four lines...

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From: sisonkemdala
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Subject: Accounting Entries at Rebate Settllement


I just want to make sure my rebate is posting correctly to FI at the time of settlement.

The entries are as follows:
Dr Expense Account
Cr Customer Account
Dr Accrual Account
Cr Expense Account

I would have expected just to see
Dr. Accrual Account
Cr Customer Account

Please confirm if these entries are correct. I need to be sure I am not mucking up!

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