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Reply from bmadran on Dec 22 at 3:56 AM
Hi Dave

Thank you very much for the comment. Even I knew the there is a text error it did noticed the related table was T185T

I have checked the table. With Language: TR and Function Code: vl02n
Now the problem is there is no visible lines for those entries. (even I got results with TR - vl02 or TR - va01; no luck with vl02n)

Do you think I need to define it? If yes, how?


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From: bmadran
Sent: Tuesday, December 20, 2011 4:01 AM
Subject: VL02n DYNPRO_MSG_IN_HELP Dump

Hi experts,

When we try to delete a delivery via vl02n it gives an ABAP dumb (pasted below). But vl02 functions well. Moreover we can delete the delivery via (vl02n or vl02) if we log on using language EN instead of TR.
So; How can we fix the system to use vl02n properly in language TR?
ABAP Dump:

Date and Time 20.12.2011 10:38:26

Screen: Illegal message

What happened?
The current screen processing was terminated, since a situation
occurred from which it could not continue processing.
This is probably due to an error in the current screen of the ABAP

Error analysis
During "Exit Command" processing, the program tried to send a " " message.
This is not allowed at this point in processing.
The program had to be terminated.
Screen name.............. "SAPMV50A"
Screen number............ 1000

Trigger Location of Runtime Error
Program SAPLV00F
Include LV00FF0D
Row 270
Module type (FORM)
Source Code Extract
Line SourceCde
240 WERT = '0'.
241 ELSE.
242 WERT_C = WERT.
243 WHILE WERT_C+0(1) = '0'.
246 WERT = WERT_C.
247 ENDIF.
248 ENDIF.
250 *-Stringlängen bestimmen

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