RE:[sap-log-sd] Automatic Determination Of Storage Location Based on Batch in Delivery or Sales Order

Reply from HarshaHalyal on Dec 22 at 10:37 AM
@ Imran Iqbal

According to your requirement you don't want to enter storage location in sales order, the system determines the storage location when it creates the outbound delivery and copies it into the delivery item.

The system determines the picking location (Storage Location) based on a rules defined in the delivery type. The following rules are used in the standard system:

- MALA: The picking location is determined based on the shipping point, the delivering plant, and the storage condition for the material as defined in the MMR.
- RETA and MARE: These rules are principally used in trade scenarios.

- You can also use the customer exit in SAP enhancement V02V0002 to implement storage location determination.
- The picking location search is activated for each delivery item category.
For Customer exit contact your ABAP senior person.

Let me know if I am wrong.

Harsha Halyal

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From: Imran Iqbal
Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2011 1:55 PM
Subject: Automatic Determination Of Storage Location Based on Batch in Delivery or Sales Order

Dear SD Experts,

We have multiple storage locations within a plant and the same material may exist in different batches within multiple storage locations.

Our Batch Search Strategy is Based On Expiry Date.

We have a requirement where we do not want to enter the storage location in Sales order creation.

But during the delivery creation process the system should be able to determine storage location(s) for the item based on different batches. And create separate line items or split on the delivery (based upon multiple storage locations) If the entire sales order line item quantity is not available in a single batch with a single storage location.


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